The Hyperloop on Life in Business Exhibition

Hyperloop is basically a super-fast train traveling within an airless vacuum tube. The train is propelled by magnets. As there is hardly any air inside the tube, the train encounters practically no resistance. This enables it to go back and forth at incredible speed.

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The Hyperloop

Since the publication of the white paper by Elon Musk about Hyperloop concept is the interest in this concept increased dramatically. Hyper Loop is a conceptual high-speed transport system with tubes under low pressure which capsules traveling passengers or cargo. As a result, the air resistance is so low that one can travel at nearly the speed of sound, while it is much cheaper, more efficient and easier than aircraft. To develop to foster a working prototype, organized Elon Musk's SpaceX company the Hyperloop Pod Competition. This competition keeps the design, construction and testing of a half-size capsule in a low-pressure tube. The 1.6 kilometer test tube is built next to the headquarters of SpaceX in Hawthorne, California. The winning Hyperloop POD of the TU Delft will be presented on the Life in Business exhibition by Hyperloop teamleader Edouard Schneiders.

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