Corporate Collaboration

The goal is not to turn back time, but instead to adapt corporate processes, decisions and leadership behaviors to this new reality.

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Corporate collaboration is one of the main goals

Corporate collaboration is one of the main goals of Life in Business. To find solutions for global issues corporates, startups, entrepreneurs and young talent got to join forces, share knowledge and collaborate. Several exhibitors and masterclasses on Life in Business share innovative tools and knowledge to make corporate collaboration more effective and successful.

Generally speaking, the corporate collaborations we looked at used three different approaches to leadership: domineering, consensus, and rotating. Domineering leadership is where one partner controls the entire process. Decisions are made fast, but they’re not always the best. Consensus leadership is where representatives from both sides agree on every decision at every point in the process. Decisions are thoughtful, but the innovation process takes much, much longer and partners often agree to the lowest common dominator aspirations.

In rotating leadership, the partners take turns being in charge. One partner takes over during the software design phase, say, and the other takes over the testing phase. During the time in which one partner is leading, it has complete unilateral control. This is optimal because it makes decisions speedier and more efficient. (This is an advantage rotating leadership shares with domineering leadership.) The fact that the leadership rotates back and forth allows both partners to contribute their expertise at different points in time. The result is a broader more diverse network of minds working together to solve problems. In other words, rotating leadership provides unilateral control to both partners, just at different times.

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